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Let's Be Honest.


We feel totally blissed out after yoga, but during class?? We get angry, sad, frustrated, disappointed - a whole range of negative emotions towards ourselves and everyone else in the room. Once we hit svasana, it's always worth it, but no one seems to be talking about how much it can suck to get there.

When we were shopping for yoga gear, we couldn't find any that represented how we really feel in chair pose - so we took matters into our own hands to bring you quality, sweatshop-free yoga apparel.

Namaste As Fuck is a yogi owned and operated company. We are here to unapologetically make space for ALL of the feelings and experiences that come along with yoga practice and really, life in general. By taking the time It’s to work through these shitty feelings in a healthy way, we can make space to feel the way we want to. Let's get more people on their mats, feeling alive & feeling themselves so that we can make the world a better place.

We are here to show you that there is no wrong way to be or feel while you are practicing. You belong on your mat.  


Fuck Sweatshops

As yogis, we practice "Ahimsa," or non violence towards all living things. It is extremely important to us that no one is taken advantage of in the production of our clothing. We are committed to bringing you ethically sourced and produced clothing, designed and printed in LA. 

Always Guaranteed

We hope you love your new NAF swag! If for any reason you aren't completely satisfied, we accept unwashed, unworn returns within 14 days of receipt of shipment. 

Real People Are Beautiful AF

Any and every body can be Namaste As Fuck. All of our pictures are of REAL people in our community. We pledge to NEVER use photoshop to alter anything about a model's body size, skin color or face shape - because we think all of you are beautiful, just the way you are!