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What does feeling good feel like?


FEELING GOOD - Chances are, no one taught you how to “feel good.” There was no “feel good” class in high school. 

Believe it or not, lots of people don’t know what it is to feel good. When I ask the questions - what does feeling good feel like? Where is it in your body? What are things and places that make you feel good? A lot of people don’t know how to answer. This absolutely isn’t because anything is wrong, no one ever taught us how to. 

People often experience shame or guilt surrounding feeling good, because it feels selfish or perhaps is associated with shame surrounding sex and sexuality. That’s probably going to have to be its own course, but you get the idea.

This week, you’re going to get a guided meditation to learn how to feel good. When we know WHAT feels good in our body, we can start using that like an internal compass to find people, places, things, jobs, and activities that feel good until we are completely surrounded and immersed in them. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true! One step at a time.

How finding what feels good differs from self-care: We started with step one, SELF CARE. Taking care of our bodies so that they feel supported and reducing the noise from the people around us makes it easier for us to see what feels good. When we are tired, hungry, trying to make everyone else happy it’s hard to see how we feel. So now we get to play with how it actually feels and creating the kind of feeling we want.

Eating a chipotle burrito, watching teen mom, making dinner at a friends, going to yoga, writing, walking my dog, meditating first thing in the morning, going to bed early are all things that make me happy. And keeping everything in moderation is a huge part of this for me. I have been on both ends of the spectrum - eating like shit and going to happy hour too many times in a week OR destroying my body with two a day workouts and being way too hard on myself about eating healthy - while any one of things could be a treat (i.e. feeling good), if misused they can become PUNISHMENT.

You can treat yourself with a burrito or you can treat yourself with a salad. You can treat yourself with a yoga class or you can treat yourself with sleeping in. You can treat yourself by saying no to hanging with friends for some alone time, or you can let a good friend get you out of the house. It all depends on your intention and how you are feeling in the moment. Are you doing this because it feels good or are you doing this to punish yourself?

Now that we have reduced the noise a bit with our self care from last week, we can start to know what feels good, and if we are forcing ourselves to do or act a certain way or if we are doing it because it feels good.

Now, I am saying all of this as someone who is still working on finding this balance - after a few years of practice, I have gotten a lot better at it, but there are times where I get thrown off course and that is just a part of the process. Each time I get thrown off course, I recognize it a little bit sooner and I’m able to correct it a little bit faster. So we both just get to practice and learn knowing that this is a skill that takes time.

Guided Meditation On Feeling Good


Treat Yo’self

  • Pick one thing a day this week to treat yourself. Take a few moments at the start of your day (after your meditation might be a good idea!) to feel into your body and ask it what your “feel good” of the day could be and see what it says. The answer might be clear, or you might be paying attention throughout your day to find what it is.

    • There are no rules as to what is your “treat” - It could be waking up early to go on a walk, or sleeping in an extra 15 minutes. It could be canceling plans, it could be asking a friend to help you go somewhere new. It could be taking the time to make your lunch at home or it could be going easy on yourself about meal prep and taking yourself out to lunch. 

      Before, during & after you’re doing it, acknowledge that you are INTENTIONALLY doing something to feel good about yourself.

  • Eye gaze with yourself in the mirror - stand in front of a mirror, stare into your eyes, and gently repeat the following: 

    • Tell yourself *NAF Daily affirmations* (It’s totally normal for this to feel weird, awkward, or bring up emotions)


  • What does feeling good feel like to you? 

    • Where is it in your body? 

    • What are words besides “good” that it feels like? 

    • Are there colors or images that appear?

  • Name (3) people, (3) places and (3) things that feel good. 

    • Why do those people, places, and things that make you feel good? 

End of Week Reflection 

Now that you’ve taken the time this week to figure out what feels good take a moment to meditate, journal, and reflect on your experience. 

  • What did you do each day that made you feel good? Did these things come easy or was it hard to give them to yourself?

  • What activities made you feel the most you?

  • How did the feel good activities differ from the self-care activities? 

  • Where there any activities that you didn’t have time for because you were focusing on feeling good?