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Picking The Right Energies To Bring Into Your Life


ENERGY -The people and things you surround yourself with AFFECT YOU DEEPLY. 

Here is your quick and dirty Energy 101 - everything is made of energy. Everything. Rocks, trees, your yoga mat, your heart, your blood, your bones, oxygen, etc. And all energy vibrates at a unique frequency depending on what it is. Like your liver has a different vibration than your heart, and that has a different vibration than your couch. There are also certain vibrations that are more easily affected by surrounding energy - like the vibration of your blood is more easily affected than say a quartz crystal.

Energy is affected by the other energy surrounding it. There are studies that show that when people are in close proximity to each other, both their heart and respiratory systems can completely sync up. Read that again - your heart rate actually can change by someone being in close proximity or touching you. Your body is physiologically affected by who and what is around you which means that your emotions and how you FEEL in your body is too.

We can “take on” other people’s energy or “lose” our energy to people around us - there are three kinds of people so far that I have discovered that either put their shit on us or we let them take ours:

  1. People who you want to please

  2. People you want to like you

  3. People who rely on you

Some symptoms of taking on other people’s energy include: suddenly feeling nauseous, head fog/trouble concentrating, random aches and pains, taking on other people’s emotions or responsibility of other’s emotions.

So, when we are surrounded by people who have toxic, manipulative, angry, sluggish, negative tendencies vs being surrounded by people who are motivated, grounded, respectful, supportive our body and emotions will react differently. Similarly, the physical objects surrounding us affect us too.

Energy could pretty much be its own course and I spend years working with some clients to learn how to identify and clear other’s energy so I will try to keep it brief here but if you want to go deeper you can hit me up about scheduling a one on one session.

Are you overwhelmed? Don’t worry! There are tons of ways to clear other’s energy out of your body and out of your energetic field which we are going to dig into with this week’s meditation.

Guided Meditation On Removing Negative Energy


Incorporate Positive Energy Into Your Life

Pick your protection. Make a ritual before/after your day, carry a crystal with you, decide to wet the back of your neck with the back of your hands - whatever it is make it yours and incorporate it into your day.

Your ritual can look like anything and can incorporate props or not. The reason that it works is because you decided that this is your ritual to protect yourself. I wash my hands before and after every client session and wet the back of my neck with water before I dry my hands. Sometimes I yell GOODBYE after a client session or after a weird social situation to let go of their energy. Sometimes I jump up and down and shake my body to get back into it. There are no rules, just deciding that it’s yours and you’re going to do it is what makes it powerful.


  • Make a list of 5-10 people in your life and describe how they make you FEEL in your body. List both positive and negative individuals and feel free to include a few people from last weeks journaling activity.

    • What are you first thoughts when you run into them unexpectedly? 

    • Would you bring them to a family reunion? 

    • After spending time with them do you wish you could keep hanging out or do you feel drained? 

  • When you’re done, make a note of how you felt doing this exercise - what came up? Did anything surprise you? Did any of the words describing any of these people match the words in your feel good exercise from Week 2?

This is just you reading this list, so don’t be afraid to tell the truth. Make sure not to get caught up in how they make anyone else feel or if you think they’re a good person - only talk specific adjectives about how they make you feel in your body - when you’re with them, when you talk to them, when you think about them.

End of Week Reflection 

Now that you’ve taken the time this week to figure out the type of energy you want in your life take a moment to meditate, journal, and reflect on your experience. 

  • When picking your protection each morning how did it make you feel? 

  • Did you think about your protection moment throughout the day?

  • What kind of energies did you interact with during the meditation?

  • How do you plan on selecting the energies you welcome into your life moving forward?