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Letting That Shit Go


LETTING SHIT GO - We are deeply affected by WHAT & WHO we choose to surround ourselves with. Our goal is to have an entire life surrounded by THINGS THAT MAKE US FEEL GOOD. From the sheets you’re laying on, to what you have on your nightstand, to what you put on your body. Think about it - if you literally LOVED everything you’re surrounded with, it becomes easier to relax and feel good.

Letting Go Of The Shit In Your Life


Now that we know what feels good to us and what energies we want to surround ourself with it is time to let go of some shit.

  • Put all of your clothes into a pile. Pick each item up one by one. Hold it in your hands and see if it FEELS GOOD Marie Kondo style. If it doesn’t, donate it. Repeat as you go through all of your things. By going through smaller items, and learning if they’re a yes or a no, it will become easier to identify BIGGER things that are a yes or a no in your life.

    • When deciding if something feels good think about the last time you wore it. What were you doing? Who were you with? Did the outfit put a smile on your face when you checked yourself out in the mirror? 

  • Mindful of what you eat - we’re not here to tell you how to eat because what each person needs is DIFFERENT and also it feels pretty overwhelming to start a weird diet or food overhaul. So instead of obsessing over what you’re eating, be MINDFUL of what you eat. Journal each meal and how you felt before eating and 30 minutes after

This is not just an exercise in decluttering your life, but it is an exercise in LEARNING WHAT FEELS GOOD AND HOW TO MAKE A DECISION SURROUNDING IT. If something doesn’t feel good LET THAT SHIT GO!


  • What came up when you were going through your stuff? 

  • How did you feel at the beginning compared to the end of the exercise?

  • Why were some of the items more difficult to let go of? 

  • What other feelings came up?

End of Week Reflection 

Now that you’ve taken the time this week to figure out the types of things you want to remove form your life take a moment to meditate, journal, and reflect on your experience

  • How did the knowing what feels good and energy exercises prepare you for this week? 

  • Did you notice yourself becoming more aware of the things around you? 

  • Do you plan on letting go of other shit in your life?

  • How do you plan on preventing clutter in your life moving forward?