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Namaste As Fuck is a female-yogi-owned and operated company. We work hard to unapologetically make space for ALL of the feelings and experiences that come along with your yoga practice.

Because we love your light AND your dark.

Namaste As Fuck is a lifestyle brand committed to unapologetically making space for ALL of who you are.

Enough with the “good vibes only” already. We are here to fill in a gap in the modern yoga world. We feel good AFTER yoga, but we usually feel like total shit when we practice. During class, we hate the teacher for naming the poses, hate ourselves for how it feels, and everyone else in the room for doing it better than us. As soon as we hit savasana, it’s ALL worth it, but no one seems to be talking about how hard it is to get there.

When we started practicing in 2010, we couldn’t shake feeling out of place - Everyone at the studio and on Instagram seemed so peaceful while we were sitting in chair pose wanting to punch everyone else in the face. When we shopped for yoga gear, all we could find were shirts that said something about “love & light” - those words felt right AFTER class, but we felt like liars wearing anything like that while we were practicing. So, Namaste As Fuck was born.

We are here to show you that you don’t have to “be” a certain way to practice or already be able to “let it be.” You don’t have to be filled with “good vibes only” toxic positivity in order to participate in the yoga world. Let’s be honest with ourselves and with each other. Let’s be angry if we need to, sad if we need to, frustrated if we need to so that we can heal ourselves and get back to making the world a better place.

Our name is comprised of two parts:

Namaste: The divinity within me bows down to the divinity within you. 

As Fuck: Emphasis. Empowerment. Fiercely supportive. Encouragement. That as we do the work to heal our own trauma, anxiety, depression and any other shit the universe has thrown our way, we can continue to see the light in ourselves and each other no matter what.

These days, yoga and spirituality can feel far away, hard to relate to and unreachable with the perception that you already have to be calm, positive, peaceful, flexible, good enough, etc. We are working hard to increase accessibility and awareness to the benefits of yoga for those who might not otherwise find a place for them. We are here to disrupt the “good vibes only” spiritual bypassing and toxic positivity western yoga has a tendency to dip into.

We take our study of yoga and creating a safe space for our beautiful, diverse community very seriously - any humor or joking you see is used to bring light to how hard we can be on ourselves as we navigate this thing called life.

Namaste As Fuck is 100% sweatshop free (because #fucksweatshops) and is a yogi owned and operated company. We bring you the NAF movement via awesome yoga apparel for you to rock out with on your mat and we also bring you the total NAF experience with our kickass retreats.

If you’re a professional looking to collaborate on a project or a retreat, hit us up! We love supporting fellow small business owners, yoga teachers and dream chasers.


Fuck Sweatshops

As yogis, we practice "Ahimsa," or non-violence towards all living things. It is extremely important to us that no one is taken advantage of in the production of our clothing. We are committed to bringing you ethically sourced and produced clothing, designed and printed in LA. 

Always Guaranteed

We hope you love your new NAF swag! If for any reason you aren't completely satisfied, we accept unwashed, unworn returns within 14 days of receipt of shipment. 

Real People Are Beautiful AF

Any and every body can be Namaste As Fuck. All of our pictures are of REAL people in our community. We pledge to NEVER use photoshop to alter anything about a model's body size, skin color or face shape - because we think all of you are beautiful, just the way you are!


We love partnering with local businesses and communities to collaborate, share new ideas and tell our story.